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About Us

It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you to our website!

The Company

The founders of MYRITUAL are Moroccan natives that decided after many years of working in the field of essential oils to create their own brand. Channeling their expertise combined with 2 years of conducted research to manufacture their natural self care products and introducing them to a larger audience. As a matter of a fact the idea behind each product is rooted in moroccan culture with materials cultivated in the north of Morocco.

Our Mission

MYRITUAL provides all types of products in this category, to ensure a safe manufacturing and a safer use. Here in Morocco, we have a suitable atmosphere and qualified raw materials to prepare rich, powerful products due to several factors including the culture, the climate and rituals .

Our Vision

MYRITUAL is a clean-beauty brand that deliver a wide range of ethically-sourced, high quality natural products for people around the globe. Our aim is to share a creative concept of health, wellness and self care. We draw inspiration from Moroccan Rituals and practices that have proven to benefit both individuals and the environment.

The Founder's Philosophy

No one denies that the personal care products are used everyday by almost everyone to clean and enhance our skin as well as the appearance and the smell of the body. People use shampoos, body washes, oils, creams, lotions, and other cosmetics daily, so using a trusted product is a must. However, there is no efficient safety information regarding the personal care products which put us in front of many problems… And here we come, MYRITUAL.


A Years of Experience

We are again positioning ourselves as industry trailblazers, delivering the best we have to offer to customers.

+3 Awards Won

We are here to give you the necessary support . Furthermore, we aim to introduce targeted improvements to the existing rules regarding customer protection.

40,000+ Happy Customer

Our resources are backed by a highly skilled and well trained workforce from which we have been able to develop a strong producing base.

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