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Our Customers have been asking about how to buy pure essential oils. We have written a guide to pure essential oils  with you in mind so that you know how to go about choosing a good quality one for yourself .

An Idea About Essential Oils

There are few things that you need to understand in this pure essential guide before you go around hunting for that particular essential oils of your choice .

  • Essential oils are highly concentrated

Essential oils is a form of very powerful concentrated Terpenes. You don’t need big bottles of it. Just a drop or two of most essential oils can bring about a desired effect.

  • Essential oils are not the same as perfumes

If you want to buy essential oil for its therapeutic purposes, stay away from perfumes. Some of the perfumes may include words like ‘essential oils’ but it is not what it claims to be. Most perfumesare made up synthetic ingredients even if they use the word ”natural fragrances”.

♦ Remember : Perfume is NOT Essential oil .

  • Don’t shop exclusively by price

‘Our mums had always reminded us since we were young that ‘cheap doesn’t mean good’. Discount oil may not be as pure as their more expensive counterparts. Which account for its low price tag.

Expensive oils may not necessarily be the best either. Do keep in mind that some suppliers may give generous discount on their products from time to time as a form of promotion for their products.

  • Essential oils can eat through plastic

Do not store essential oils in plastic bottle as it can eat through plastics. Store it instead in glass bottles preferably dark in color which has an added benefit to preserve its shelf life. And always use ceramic or glass bowls to create your blends.

Essential oils are so concentrated that it will cause skin irritations or have an adverse effect when you apply it directly to your skin.

Always remember to dilute pure essential oils with a good carrier.

  • Essential oils should be packaged in dark amber or cobalt blue bottles

The way essential oils are stored affects their shelf life. We should only buy pure essential oils packaged in dark amber or cobalt blue bottles because it helps to filter out ultra violet rays from the sun.

A proper storage serves to preserves and ensure of its properties and powers remains for years to come.

  • Tips

♦   Oil before direct applications in a ratio of 1 part Essential oils to 50 Carrier oils is 1/50.

♦   A fixed oil like Almond Oil or Hazelnut Oil can be a good starting point.

♦   Test you skin for sensitivities before use

♦   Add a drop of essential oils to a teaspoon carrier oils and apply it to your inner arms. Check that you do need develop any redness or rashes. If nothing happens then it is ok for you to use the diluted , If you do develop redness, rashes or any form of discomfort then you should stop using it immediately.

♦   Treat your essential oils like an over the counter medications.

♦   Keep it away in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and from your children. Only use it for its direct purposes.

♦   Pure essential oils can last for decades. The bottle of essential oil that you have bought may still retain its full properties after decades. It is wise to include a few chosen ones in your home, for travel trips or even the work place for emergency use.


Well this is the end Our Ultimate pure essential oils guide. I’d love to hear what you think! Please feel free to Contact Us. Any thoughts or Questions!

Where would be the best place to buy them?

Thanks for coming . If you can’t get it at any store around your area then perhaps you might consider getting it online from Amazon or Essential oils from Our Bazaar.

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Good To go with

Just stopping by Aromatherapy is great to use only if you are educated properly, as they can be harmful to children, or people and Animals. Always keep any oils up high always from children.

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The information on this site is for informational purposes only & is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional.

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