Glass Pipette Dropper with Aluminum Collar Cap

  • Name : Dropper pipette Glass
  • Material : Glass (Pipettes are made of borosilicate glass, thick and durable)
  • Type : Scaled, with White rubber bulb
  • Volume : Multiple sizes
  • Appliance :
    To Hold liquids as oils, hobby-craft glues, essential oil ,serum liquid etc
    For storing E-ciga liquid, solvents, light oils, eye drops, saline, etc.
  • Brand : MYRITUAL

Simple way of making handmade gift blends for your family and your friends!

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Glass Pipette Dropper

Glass pipette droppers are commonly used for dispensing essential oils due to their durability and chemical resistance. They are designed to provide controlled precise drops of liquid, making them ideal for essential oil applications. Here’s some information about glass pipette droppers for essential oils:

  • UNIVERSAL GLASS DROPPERS. Use each pipette dropper as ear care products, a medication dropper, or for a variety of liquids (essential oils)..
  • INCLUDES FOUR TRANSFER PIPETTES. Each water dropper is the perfect solution for transferring of liquids. Squeeze the tip lightly to drop liquids.
  • EASY TO CLEAN GLASS DROPPER. Glass Pipette Dropper are easy to clean with warm water and soap. Perfect droppers for kids to provide medicine.
  • REUSABLE EAR DROPPER. Continuously use each glass eye dropper daily. Each medicine dropper is easy and safe to use.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY . The glass pipettes are environmental friendly and non-toxic ,it is also reusable after clean up,and better than a plastic pipette.
  • Conservation . This collar will prevent product come in contact with oxygen during use to preserve the active ingredient and maintain shelf life. The Airless Pump Bottle will help to minimize waste as product is being pushed up to the pump via a disk. Material is safe and clean.

Glass Pipette Dropper Material:

Are typically made from high-quality borosilicate glass. This type of glass is resistant to thermal shock chemical corrosion, ensuring the integrity of essential oils.

Glass Pipette Dropper Design:

A glass pipette consists of a glass tube with a tapered or bulbous end, which serves as dropper bulb. The dropper bulb is squeezed to create a vacuum that draws oil into the tube. When released, the dropper bulb dispenses a controlled amount of oil drop by drop.

Glass Pipette Dropper Sizes:

Pipette droppers come in various sizes, ranging from small droppers suitable for sample bottles to larger ones regular-sized essential oil bottles. Common sizes include 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, and 5ml. Glass Pipettes: A Perception of Size

Glass Pipette Dropper Graduations:

Some glass pipette droppers have graduated markings on glass tube, allowing more precise measurements. These markings can be useful when following specific recipes or dosage guidelines.


Glass pipette droppers are compatible with most essential oil bottles that have a standard neck size. They can be easily fitted onto the bottle by inserting the glass tube into the bottle’s opening and securing it with a cap or screw-on closure.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Glass pipette droppers can be easily cleaned by disassembling the dropper bulb from the glass tube and washing both components with warm soapy water. Ensure they are thoroughly dried before reassembling and reusing them.

When purchasing glass pipette droppers for essential oils, it’s essential to ensure they are specifically designed for essential oil use to guarantee the safety and integrity of the oils.



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