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Moroccan Culture
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)

Moroccan Culture.

Within that Platform, we naturally defend the place and influence of a language and a culture that we share historically. and that are enriched by our specificities, within a rich diversity.

In Fact what really counts is that we share a culture, a way of thinking, interpreting and helping clients to develop their lives…

And if this is the case here is a brief extract from the history , Have a good read!

  • What is Morocco Famous For ?

Morocco, a country in the north west of Africa, is among the most fascinating places in the world, the beautiful Mediterranean nature and the cultural heritage attracts millions of visitors around the globe.

In fact, culture is a key component, that is exhibited in langage, art, gastronomy and almost all ways of living.

The culture of Morocco thrives on beauty, harmony and simplicity, it’s a philosophy of life that includes the natives core beliefs and values.

From the saraha to the Atlas Mountains, Moroccans don’t shy away from expressing their fondness of their cultural traditions hence their persistence on passing them through generations in order to maintain them.

In regards to these traditions, Aromatherapy is one that gladly survived the test of time.

Moroccan Culture

  • Morocco and Usage of Essential Oils – Moroccan Culture

Aromatherapy is basically the usage of essential oils for their therapeutic benefits and it started to gain worldwide recognition in the past few years , even though it was actually practiced in Morocco for centuries.

Indeed, in the ancient amazigh world essential oils were utilized for culinary and medicinally purposes.

These aromatic essential oils are mainly produced through method of distillation in which they steam or press herbs, plants, trees or flowers to capture their fragrance’s component. The natural ingredients that take part in this process are cultivated by indigenous women in the far mountain villages.

The rich nature of our country provides a diversity of vegetation that natives add into their natural recipes to benefited from them in beauty and personal hygiene.

  • Amazigh Andalusian Aromatherpy – Moroccan Culture



Amazighs have also profited from the Andalusian experience in Aromatherapy and the topical and internal use of essential oils.

Overall, it’s no wonder that Morocco has been one of the main suppliers of the finest essential oils for many years such as:
Argan oil, cedar wood oils and rose oil…

Nevertheless, since these products are frequently in high demand, the industry is developing and new cooperatives are emerging in Morocco. The aim is producing high quality essential oils and sharing them with more people.


  • Conclusion :

Local cooperatives and small businesses like MYRITUAL praise the Moroccan culture and take a hand in preserving the practice of Aromatherapy in the country. It is worth mentioning that creating an end product for which there’s a significant demand in the market is not our sole purpose. We also aim to empower rural women whose dedicated work often goes unnoticed. Yet their hard labor contribute to fight gender inequality and feminine poverty in Morocco.

This process of empowerment focuses on enabling the autonomy of this marginalized group through sustainability enhancing their living conditions. Our effective partnership aim to develop an inclusive economy where Moroccan women are fully acknowledged and considered.

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